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A Fast Track Hack to Leaning Out and Getting Strong.  Are You Ready?

Ready to get your health on track TODAY?


Statistic 1...

Join a weight loss program
with friends, 66% more likely
to maintain the loss.

How does it work? A sneak peek...

The Right Food

Knowing the right amount of Macros to be eating at every meal, is really confusing.  We take all that pain away, by giving you a plan.

Supplements for Health

Understanding what supplements to have and when.  If you’re not having the right ones, in the correct dosage, you’re cheating your body. 

Likeminded Group

Surround yourself with the right people, to support yourself on this journey.  Remember, you’re 65% more likely to succeed with friends.

Dr Hannah Pickford // The Modern Amazon // Nutritionist //
Support Line

You have the expertise and support of Dr Hannah to provide valuable information and also answer questions when you have them.

Statistic 2...

93% of Australians do not consume
enough minerals and vitamins in their
diet, ie undereating.

What do you get on the program?

This program is a how-to guide for optimising your nutrition, that is designed to make things practical and easy to follow.

The ebook covers information about macronutrients, why they are important and how much you should be eating. We cover supplements as well, including the right doses which are proven by the research to increase performance and improve recovery times. 

To make things EVEN easier, the booklet contains 30 recipes, including some snacks to give you an idea about what you can eat! Not to mention some easy guides for how to build an ideal meal. 

The real magic of this program however is in the facebook support group, where you can post questions directly to Dr Hannah, join in Live Q&A sessions, read extra bonus material…. and also receive support from other group members! 

Step by Step Booklet
Private Facebook Group
Coaching Videos
Live Q&A with Dr Hannah

“I cannot thank Dr Hannah enough for her help, she understands where you are at and empowers you to make the changes you are looking for. No stupid fads, just quality nutrition.”

Nathan, Melbourne

Frequently Asked Questions

I have answered some common questions here.

Statistic 3...

95% of standard diets fail
and most people regain the
weight within 5 years.

About Dr Hannah Pickford

Dr Hannah is a former All-Australian Basketball player, a chiropractor, a martial artist and has a Masters in Human Nutrition.

When she isn’t seeing patients, kicking bags or lifting weights, you’ll find Hannah researching the current medical literature in order to stay up to date on all things wellness!

Having overcome her own personal health challenges, motivates Hannah to help teach others what she has learnt.

Dr Hannah knows that YOU are built to thrive, which is why she is constantly looking for improved ways in which to maximise health and performance.

6 Week Jump Start
  • 6 Weeks of Support
  • Meal Plan Workbook
  • 30 Recipes
  • Supplement Plans
  • Facebook Group
  • Coaching Videos 
  • Q&A


6 Week Jump Start + BONUS

  • 6 Weeks of Support
  • Meal Plan Workbook
  • 30 Recipes
  • Supplement Plans
  • Facebook Group
  • Coaching Videos 
  • Q&A
  • 3 fortnightly 45 Skype calls with Dr Hannah
  • Personalised meal plan review
  • Personal email support